Q:  Can I buy the Speedhut gauges from you?

A:  Absolutely!  Broadfield Customs is an authorized Speedhut dealer.  I offer 10% off their listed website price and 15% off their listed price when having me do the fabrication work.

Q:  What if I want something other than Speedhut gauges?  Can I simply send you the gauges/electronics of my choice?

A:  You bet!  Simply send them along with the cluster/panel that you want them mounted into.

Q: What if I want something different than what is shown in your gallery?  Can you custom make me something to my specifics?

A: Actually, every single piece I make is custom made, built-to-order.  So I can make you anything you want, within reason.

Q:  Why do you modify the OEM panel instead of making an entire new one out of fiberglass or ABS?

A:  I utilize your OEM piece for a couple of reasons.  1) It insures that when you get your panel back, it will clip/bolt back in just like OEM and fit perfectly.  2) It allows me to make one-off pieces to suite each customers’ specific needs.  That way you are not locked into a panel that holds three gauges when you really only have a need for two gauges.

Q:  If I ‘m having you make me a custom interior panel or gauge cluster, do I need to send those pieces to you?

A: Yes, you will need to ship the appropriate piece(s) to be modified.  Some of my customers like to keep their original cluster or interior panel unmolested.  In that case you can simply source a used one off the internet and have it shipped directly to me to be modified.

Q: When I get the panel back from you, will it just pop back into place without any modifications?

A:  Not necessarily.  It’s the customer’s responsibility to make sure there is enough clearance behind the panel to fit whatever they are wanting installed into it.  You may need to grind/cut some plastic out to make room for the body of the gauge to fit.

Q: Are your gauge clusters plug-and-play?

A:  They are not.  Your new gauge cluster is going to have its own sensors and harnesses that need to be routed to the appropriate locations anyway.  All Speedhut gauges have quick disconnect pigtails for the sensor, power connections and illumination connections.  Speedhut supplies Y cables for the power connector and illumination connector.  So you simply tap the wires on the Y connector to power/ground and then it will plug into all of the gauges.

Q:  When you build a cluster, do you retain the OEM warning lamps, odometer/trip, turn signals etc?

A:  Since I typically have to gut your entire cluster, none of those things can be saved.  However, your new Speedhut gauges can have their own warning lights.  In addition, turn signals and other warning lamp LEDs can be added into the Speedhut speedo and tach.  The Speedhut speedo will also have its own digital odometer, trip etc.  Beyond that, Broadfield Customs offers really sleek panel mount LED indicators if you prefer.

Q:  What is the time-frame to have a custom piece made by you?

A:  Typically I like to allow 10-12 weeks from the time I receive payment and your piece(s) to be modified.  However, this is all hand crafted work, so delays can happen.  I am a perfectionist and it’s not inconceivable that I completely redo a piece if it doesn’t meet my standards.