Custom Fitted Electronics


Pretty much anything goes here!  As long as there is physically enough room to put your device where you want it, then I can make it happen… with an OEM look to-boot.  Even if there isn’t enough room physically, I can still maybe make it work by adding plastic here-or-there, shifting around current button locations etc.  My main goal when doing these pieces is to make it look like it belongs in your interior!


The OEM panel/trim is provided by you, the customer.  If you are wanting the panel modified for your own gauges/electronics, then those must also be sent with the OEM panel.  I’m also an authorized Speedhut dealer if you would like to purchase the most customizable gauges in existence through me.  I take your panel and modify it, with whatever means necessary, to house your electronics.  You may ask yourself why I re-use your panel?  Answer:  because it insures that when you receive the panel back from me that it will snap/fasten back into place just like it originally did.  Because well, it’s still the original panel.  Note:  you are obviously responsible for modifying anything behind the panel(in your dash etc,) that may interfere with the installation of the panel when you get it back.  If you have me install a 3″ deep gauge into your panel and there is plastic bracing in the dash where the gauge needs to sit, then you are responsible for cutting that out.  So please make sure you are willing to do the behind-the-scenes work necessary to make your new modified panel fit back in where it belongs.


Basic work starts off at around $150(not including gauges/electronics).  However, prices vary greatly depending on what you want where and how you want it.  The three most common mounting options are surface mount, flush mount and angled mount.  Surface mount being the cheapest and going up from there.  Another option would be flush/angled mount… which is the most expensive way to mount your gauges.  The other obvious option is the finish.  Textured and smooth are the two dominant choices… textured being the cheapest.  Once we figure out exactly how you want everything laid out, I can give you an accurate quote. Prices range from $150 – $450+


All interior pieces I modify are custom one-off, built-to-order.  They are designed to your specifics, with experienced input from me of course.  I offer various finishes and anything else that you can dream up to set yours apart from the others.  Most common of course being textured or smooth in a satin black.

Getting Started:

Please email me under the Contact Me tab and include a brief description of the type of work you are inquiring about, what vehicle it’s for and what gauges/electronics you are hoping to have installed into it.  I will get back to you in a timely fashion to discuss more specifics, options, price, etc.


Most custom works takes about 10-12 weeks depending on scheduling.  All orders need to be paid in full before I will schedule it.  Once completed I will ship the item back via fully insured UPS, USPS or FedEx.  The insurance will cover all of the electronics and the fabrication work.

Behind The Scenes