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About My Companysds

My main profession is the installation and sales of high-end car audio and electronics.  My installation style has always been specializing in the OEM look.  I have taken my 25 years of experience in that field and have applied it to the fabrication of custom interior pieces for your vehicle.  Specifically interior pieces to house gauges, performance electronics or anything else that helps you monitor the vitals of your automobile.  Thus Broadfield Customs was created.



-It’s All In The Details-

Every custom piece I make is by hand.  Great care goes into my product to make sure it meets the standards of not only my customers, but also my toughest critic… me.  I am constantly experimenting with new fabrication techniques and products to ensure the best possible product leaves my hands.


Broadfield Customs specializes in the custom retrofitting of electronics and devices into areas they normally do not belong in your vehicle.  Aside from my mass produced gauge plates, every piece I make is accomplished by utilizing the OEM panel and customizing it to house electronics, gauges etc.  Typically the panel is supplied by the customer along with whatever electronics they want installed into it.  Since every piece is built-to-order, the customer and I will go over how/where they want everything located.  I will give my expert advice on what will look best and we will come to an agreement on the finalized design.  More often than not, my customers simply let me do my thing and trust my judgement.

Please don’t hesitate to ask about an idea you may have.  Just because you don’t see an example from me, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.


If you have not decided on a brand of gauges, then please feel free to inquire about Speedhut.  I am an authorized dealer and can get you set up with pretty much any gauge you can dream up.  Speedhut gauges are completely customizable and they offer several series to fit your budget and needs.  Click Here For More Details

-Turnaround Time-

It’s hard to put a timeframe on custom, hand crafted products.  If you are shopping for something quickly, pre-made and cheap, you have come to the wrong place.  I take great pride in creating one-off, custom interior pieces for your vehicle.  Therefore I refuse to sacrifice quality in order to meet a “deadline”.  I’m a one-man team and personally run every aspect of this business.  Which include the following but not limited to:  customer consultation(via phone, email, contact forms, Facebook, Instagram), web design/management, social media management, product photography, bookkeeping, invoicing, research, purchasing, fabrication/modification, packaging, shipping/receiving… did I mention I also have a full-time job 6-days/week!?!  So please take this into consideration when you are placing your order.  With that being said, I am typically 10-12 weeks out from the time you make payment.  If you have a special expediting request, please make that known up front and we can discuss your options.